How should parents choose children's underwear?

- May 21, 2019-

    The color selection tends to be lighter.Although parents friends hope children can be bright and colorful color to show their children's lively personality, but experts point out that, colorful clothes often lead content is too high, add stain, because their baby dressed in colorful underwear for a long time, which lead to be absorbed by the skin, easy to cause the baby lead poisoning.Lead poisoning can cause abdominal pain, affect the development of the baby's teeth and gastrointestinal tract, and even affect the child's intellectual development.Therefore, the choice of children's underwear is more likely to choose white or light color underwear.

     Style choice is advisable with loose and comfortable.The gist of children underwear is to help baby grow, when choosing design children underwear should avoid too tight, ensure baby healthy growth thereby.Many parents are also likely to opt for a size larger when choosing children's underwear because children grow up faster.But for the baby, the big walk is not convenient, the small baby uncomfortable, so just the right size is the most suitable for the baby.

     Fabric selection tends to be pure cotton.Wear cotton underwear with its good sweat absorption and moisture permeability, comfortable feel become the best choice for baby underwear texture.Generally speaking, the material of darling underwear has the following 4 kinds: knitting rib cloth, this is a kind of elastic knitting fabric, stretch breathability is strong, heat preservation is slightly poor, because this is not suitable for winter, it is a good choice of summer.

    Knitted interlock fabric, slightly thicker than rib fabric, is a double-layer elastic knitted fabric, with excellent scalability, heat preservation, air permeability and better feel, suitable for underwear in autumn and winter.

    Cotton gauze, it is a kind of plain weave fabrics, because thin and fibrous clearance is big, permeability is very good, but retractility, heat preservation sex and feel are general, after washing easy shrink, basically use at summer underwear.

Terry cloth, namely wool circle pure cotton cloth, because quality of a material is thicker, have very strong warm preservation sex and good retractor and feel, but permeability is slightly poor, use at underwear of autumn winter commonly.

    Expert clew, underwear of children of choose and buy had better go to normal shop, buy the product that contains mark and use specification all ready.