Chinese children's clothing industry Internet innovation BBS held in jimo

- May 07, 2019-

    In order to explore the new path, children under the age of the Internet industry development innovation new children's clothing circulation mode, accelerate children's wear industry informationization, quality vogue, high quality development, on April 12, sponsored by the China textile industry association of circulation branch, cieme international trade city management committee, the China textile and clothing electronic commerce union co-host of the theme of "promoting new kinetic energy conversion, speed up the circulation pattern innovation" of the Chinese children's wear industry Internet innovation BBS held in Qingdao cieme area.

    Circulation of China textile industry association club consultant Yang Donghui, Zhang Changlin, vice President of Chinese clothing association jin-chun Yang, secretary general of the China council for the promotion of international trade branch of textile industry zhang, standing vice President of China textile industry association of circulation branch school, circulation branch deputy head xu, YanJiang, circulation branch vice President and secretary general zhang hy, circulation branch, vice President of Zhu Guoxue, clothing apparel industry association of guangdong province BuXiaoJiang, selected cieme district people's government deputy district, Qingdao city,More than 300 participants, including liu yongjun, director of the management committee of jimo international trade city, experts of Internet innovation platform, representatives of national textile and garment market and circulation enterprises, representatives of children's clothing enterprises and mainstream media, attended the event.At the meeting, jimo international trade city cloud platform - love jimo cloud platform made a formal release.

    Qingdao cieme selected district people's government, deputy district chief said in a speech, relying on cieme children's wear industry advantage, the current cieme has been built to children's clothing research and development, design, production and manufacturing as the foundation, which are characterized by IP, build in children's wear brand incubation, children's clothing business agglomeration, children's education and leisure entertainment, children industry headquarters economic zone as a whole production city article brigade fusion of children's clothing town with Chinese characteristics.At the same time, the 100,000-square-meter jimo children's clothing city built in the jimo international trade city has attracted more than 600 jimo superior children's clothing manufacturers and brands, which will further enhance the influence and competitiveness of "jimo quality manufacturing".

    According to zhang chunhua, secretary general of shandong textile and garment industry association, in 2017, 3,944 textile and garment enterprises above the scale in shandong realized a total revenue of 1.18 trillion yuan from their main businesses, with a total profit of 82.104 billion yuan, including a total profit of 54.895 billion yuan.The province's exports of textiles and clothing totaled us $21.779 billion, maintaining a good momentum of development.In recent years, shandong province, represented by jimo international trade city, luokou clothing city, weifang xinghe international light textile city and linyi huofeng clothing city, has greatly improved its brand building awareness and marketing ability.

    Circulation of China textile industry association branch deputy head, standing vice-chairman of China textile and clothing electronic commerce union Zhu Guoxue during a speech pointed out that the future cieme should seize the opportunity, make digital intelligent garment industry development planning, strengthen the industrial development of e-commerce, promote small and medium-sized clothing enterprise way to trade and business model of digital network;Promote the full connection between manufacturing resources and e-commerce platforms, actively guide the sharing of technologies, equipment and services for manufacturing links, and enhance the quick response, flexible and efficient supply capacity of enterprises;We will speed up the building of an intelligent market for garment professionals and promote the coordinated development of garment distribution and manufacturing.At the same time, we should expand new trade models, carry out cross-border e-commerce, and integrate into the tide of globalization."In the future, the circulation branch of China national textile association will, as always, integrate resources and fully support jimo to create a new ecology of production and circulation integration featuring efficient coordination of garment manufacturing, marketing and logistics, and create a new future of featured industrial clusters.

    At the meeting, sun ning, chairman of Qingdao xuesheng network technology co., ltd. made an official release on the cloud platform of jimo international trade city -- aijimo cloud platform.It is reported that the first phase of the platform has been launched, with commodity aggregation, business matching, payment and settlement, order inventory, property management services and other functions, manufacturers and merchants can choose the platform to provide agent operation, intelligent unified storage, financing and financial services, consignment sales maker, analysis and decision-making services and other services.Sun ning believes that business will gradually return to quality, brand and value, and professional market will innovate operation mode through "Internet + service + professional market", and become a comprehensive platform to provide brand, finance, trade, data and other industries with whole-process services.

    Yang jinchun, vice President of China national garment association, made a keynote speech under the theme of "transformation of children's wear industry under consumption upgrading".Yang jinchun pointed out that the background of consumption upgrading of China's garment industry has the following characteristics: coexistence of online and offline, high cost performance and delicate consumption, diversification of terminals and payment, appreciation of experience and confidence in judgment, coexistence of brand and personalization.Consumption upgrading promotes the development of industries and products with high quality, which is manifested in excellent quality, extraordinary performance and emotional experience.Among them, quality upgrade is priority among priorities.

    At present, China's children's clothing industry quality standard construction is increasingly perfect, represented by the post-80 generation of the new generation of urban consumer groups have a strong sense of safety, the overall quality of physical gradually improved, consumer complaints rate decreased, but there is still a large room for improvement.The transformation of "quality improvement" of children's wear industry should focus on the following aspects: strengthening supply chain, improving original design, improving enterprise risk awareness and quality management level;Improve the construction of children's clothing standard system and service system to further improve product quality and stability;We will give full play to the regulatory role of the government, strengthen market oversight and public services, and protect fair competition.Give full play to the role of professional institutions such as industry associations, strengthen industry self-discipline and protect public interests;The government, industry, universities and research institutes should make collaborative innovation to enhance the internal strength of enterprises and enhance market competitiveness through brand building.

    New scientific and technological revolutions are constantly creating one industrial revolution after another.WeChat under the "+" Internet era, is a no keywords, especially after the rapid development, now has achieved the interpersonal connections, WeChat people connected to the Internet, has become a veritable "mobile ID" individual, for clothing enterprises, the future WeChat how will boost their marketing and development?Therefore, BBS hereby invites li tengjian, project director of WeChat industrial cooperation department, to deliver a keynote speech with the theme of "WeChat smart retail solutions for the apparel industry".

    Ling said, tencent's retail practice wisdom, mainly is the role of enabler through a series of mobile payments, public, small programs, social effect of advertisement advantage of user and scene, promote the integration of online on data for the engine, help retailers to realize the consumer life cycle management and personalized touch, to the interaction between retailers and consumers to build sustainable Bridges.In addition, tencent WeChat provides offline solutions through wechat moments advertising to attract stores, code scanning, matching recommendation, electronic invoices, coupons, shopping guide services, etc.;Provide online solutions through brand zone, social gift card, social instant discount, public account content drainage, membership, WeChat electronic invoice, etc.

In the information age, the supply chain model has also undergone significant changes and innovations. How to change the traditional supply chain model, improve efficiency and create greater value?Li jinzhu, general manager of kute engineering system and secretary-general of China Internet industry research institute, took "Internet innovation of clothing supply chain management" as the theme, and elaborated the new model of C2M supply chain in the Internet era.C2M, he argues, is through the use of new technology and data intelligence to optimize enterprise original resource configuration optimization, improve total factor productivity, activate the stock, broke the limit time, space, borders and language, reduce business operating costs, improve efficiency, increase more convenience and value-added services, to build the function of resource sharing model, internal business models and compensation mode, and realize from the traditional mass manufacturing transformation for personalized mass customization;The essence is to "organize" the supply chain resources with customers' wisdom (emotion and demand), respond quickly, complete the manufacturing, meet the demand, and let the wisdom drive the machines, equipment, people and resources to form the manufacturing capacity.

    With the rapid advance of industry transformation and upgrading, the changing of market environment, the textile and clothing circulation put forward the more strict requirements, how to better grasp the new opportunities brought by the industry characteristics, in the new period for the industry to provide efficient circulation efficiency, this is one of the important subjects facing the industry circulation service.To this, by the circulation of China textile industry association branch, vice President of high-level talks hosted by xu link, we invite ZhongFang cgu (Beijing) investment management co., LTD., chairman of Ye Liang, Qingdao fashion designer association, vice chairman, Qingdao show Dan clothing co., LTD., chairman of Korea new, jinan yet xue-qian liu, general manager of garment city, jingdong fashion division of supply chain management and innovation department senior procurement manager liu yh, and other areas of the industry elite, with "circulation service and business model innovation" as the theme, around the hot issues are discussed.

    Dialogue guest said the absence information entity wholesale retailers, loss of data, lack of space, loss of business, such as encounter the impact, such as Internet channel diversion are entered into the phase transformation and upgrading, are driven by innovation, further notice advantage resources integration and fine management, to strengthen the integration of online, build the products whole life cycle management system, build the core competitiveness.Different regions have differences in culture and circulation patterns. Therefore, innovations in management, service and philosophy should be adapted to local conditions, and the transformation between old and new drivers should be strengthened to accelerate the high-quality development of China's textile and garment industry and fully meet the growing needs of the people for a better life.