Children's underwear market attention in the future will be more competitive

- May 06, 2019-

    Children's underwear, the underwear that 0-14 years old children wear, kind includes: bra, underwear, pajama, swimsuit, warmth, sock and so on.

    Since this year, children's wear has become a hot word in the clothing industry. With the implementation of the two-child policy, the improvement of living standards and the change of mainstream consumer groups, the children's economy is gradually accelerating and the market is also expanding rapidly.According to data from the national bureau of statistics, in 2016, the first year of the two-child policy, 18.46 million babies were born, with more than 45 percent having a second child or more.It can be predicted that China will usher in a new round of baby boom with the strong support of national policies. It is predicted that the number of 0-4 year olds in China will reach 100 million by 2020.

    At the same time that the eye of industry personage turns to market of children's wear in succession, the market of children underwear also is to attract great attention.

    Children's underwear market attention in the future will be more competitive

Girls underwear, designed for 9-25 - year - old girls to create

    In the middle of may, 2017, urban beauty holding co., ltd. announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with KIMURATAN and tsingtao dadu to market and distribute two brands of love design and BIQUETTE of KIMURATAN as the exclusive agent in China.This move also declared the city beauty underwear brand will dig deep into the children's underwear market determination.This also plays a certain role in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the urban beauty underwear brand itself.This follows the example of Zara, the fast fashion brand, which recently opened its first independent store for children in London.

Children's underwear market attention in the future will be more competitive。Not coincidentally.Held a few days ago, the world's leading creative company mattel "warm, handed down from ancient times by the first reassuring caress - 2017 joint product launch three shots," fisher, announced its famous brand of infant child fisher and Chinese underwear manufacturer Shanghai 3 guns (group) co., LTD., a strategic cooperation, cooperation jointly launched the first product line - fisher-price infant clothing.Fisher brand enjoys a high international reputation, the main design and production of baby and child household, clothing supplies, baby and child feeding and bathing supplies, toys and audio-visual production products.And sanqiang underwear is China's local underwear brand, what kind of sparks will be generated between the two?

    As early as 2015, urban beauty joined hands with Disney to enter the "3-15 years old" children's underwear market, but did not leave a deep impression on consumers.Sangun underwear also obtained the management and production right of Disney company in the United States as early as 2005, and specially set up the operation department of Disney brand to manage Disney infant underwear.

    Search "children's underwear" in Tmall mall, you will find that the top brands are: uniqlo, sanqiang, annaier, hengyuanxiang, australis, red beans, love children and other brands, some of which belong to fast fashion, some belong to children's clothing brands, more belong to underwear brands.As underwear person, we also must see the development trend that children underwear is in course of study, follow the development change of the market, make change in time.

    Love underwear is also widely acclaimed in the industry, from its official website can be seen.

Children's underwear market attention in the future will be more competitive.Have you seen the future of children's underwear?It remains to be seen which big brands will have the next big move.