Children's clothing fabric knowledge

- Jun 10, 2019-

1, pure cotton

    Natural fabric, comfortable to wear, breathable, warm, but easy to wrinkle, not easy to care, poor durability, easy to fade.So very few 100% cotton fabrics usually contain more than 95% cotton is called pure cotton.

2. Single plain cloth

    The surface is low stitch, the bottom is high stitch, the weaving method is strong, thinner than the double-sided cloth, thinner, light, breathable, absorbent, less elastic, the surface is smooth, relatively easy to wrinkle and deformation, mostly used for t-shirts.

3. Knitted double-sided fabric

    The texture of the surface and the underside is the same, and the underside weave of the cloth is smoother, more elastic and sweat-absorbing than ordinary knitted cloth.

4. Velvet

    One side of a fabric of velvety weft knitted fabric, covered with a velvety surface of upright fibers or yarns, with a soft, swan-like lining at a height of 1.5 to 5cm.The product is made of terry knitted fabric with cut circle or gasket knitted fabric with yarn circle. The ground yarn composed of floor yarn and pile yarn generally adopts the elasticity of low-elastic polyester yarn or polyamide yarn.Cotton-yarns, poly-cotton blended yarns or other short fiber yarns are generally used to fix down the fluff and prevent falling off.The color is bright and natural, velvet feeling is full, feel comfortable and soft.

corduroy,Soft to the touch, velvet straight round, clear lines, fluffy plump, strong texture wear-resistant.

6. Coral fleece

    Fine texture, soft feel not to drop hair, not ball.Don't rub off.Excellent water absorption, three times that of cotton products.No skin irritation, no allergy.Beautiful appearance, rich color.It is a new substitute product of cotton bathrobe.

7. Shaken fleece

     Shake grain down is a kind of knitted fabrics, is a small ingot knit structure, fabric front pull hair, shake grain fluffy and dense and not easy to drop hair, pilling, opposite pull hair sparse sparse symmetry, villus short, organization texture clear, fluffy elastic especially good.Its ingredients are generally polyester and soft to the touch.It is the first choice of nearly two domestic winter cold products.

8. Grab the wool cloth

     It has strong style and texture, soft, comfortable, elastic and wear resistance. It can store a lot of air between the hairs, so it has good thermal performance.

9. Terry cloth

    This kind of fabric has full and thick feel, strong and thick body, good elasticity, moisture absorption and heat preservation, stable loop structure, and good wearability.Mainly used as sportswear, lapel t-shirts, pajamas, children's wear and other fabrics.