Beyond expectations' high temperature 'event | SIUF April' deeply regret 'the city

- May 08, 2019-

    Coincides with 38 female group China underwear culture week and SIUF China (shenzhen) international brand underwear show held a press conference in shenzhen, shenzhen underwear show, founder of shenzhen underwear industry association executive vice President and secretary general Zhang Fengwei chaired the conference, and a New Year culture week and expo and preparation of detailed introduction, underwear industry representatives of a number of heavyweight, brands and media partners also invited to attend, officially on April 19, 2019-21, will be held in shenzhen convention and exhibition center SIUF entered the countdown to the opening.

    Zhang fengwei, founder of shenzhen underwear fair, executive vice President and secretary general of shenzhen underwear industry association

    As the key support of the national ministry of commerce exhibition, international brands and domestic underwear underwear production base of high-end platform, for 14 consecutive years lead SIUF underwear industry development at home and abroad, in 2019 will be "new" IP, "new" scale, "new" Angle of view, the "new" height of several major upgrades, for the industry and an underwear fashion beyond the expectations of the "new" feast.

"New" IP: dual engine driving multiple combinations, new IP incubation fashion feast

    Organizing committee spokesman said, in 2019, in the culture week and show the twin-engine, led SIUF activities will continue to change the way, with combination of multi-level, diversifying the exhibition includes: 1 awards, two major topics in BBS, 3 major tournaments, N a special brand show, by an lifang the lead after the opening of the big show, envy the association, the silk blue Diane, chun, if Sally mann, DiLan wire, red bean and so on several brands have released show, leading the innovation direction of the underwear industry chain and popular trend, through the platform of global lounge interpretation underwear cultural forces China to the world, Chinese underwear fashion industry advantage.

    The 2019 "Oriental charm & fashionable yanbu China international underwear creative design competition and 2019" Oriental charm & new age family China international home apparel and accessories original design competition aim to explore excellent design talents in China and even the world, promote the development of the industry, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading.At present, it has been held for six consecutive years, with hundreds of cooperative professional clothing colleges, and has developed into one of the most influential competitions in China's underwear and home apparel industry.For the first time, the two charming Oriental design contests will join hands with jd crowd-funding and jd mall to add play-offs and pre-sale links, launch the "most valuable commercial award", create the pre-sale "explosive" of the design contest, and promote the contestants to the market!

    Photo: Yang qingyun, general manager of shenzhen shengshi jiuzhou exhibition co., LTD

    SIUF international supermodel competition, after five years of polishing, has developed into one of the largest and most influential global professional events in the fashion industry.Adhere to create inside and outside and repair the youth self-confidence, vitality and health of the miss assembly, create a healthy, positive but not lose the beauty of the fashion attitude of life, for the whole world to show a unique Chinese Oriental temperament!

In the sixth season of 2019, SIUF international supermodel competition, supported by many famous enterprises such as China gold, China jewelry, baoshijie watch, 5100 drinking water, goliath clothing, audi, anlifang, lycra, plateau treasure and jinsha river wine industry, has increased cross-border cooperation in different fields.The competition also presents itself to the public in an innovative manner.

    It is reported that during the 2019 China underwear culture week, we hired internationally renowned executive producer/Victoria's secret director Hamish Hamilton, former Victoria's secret creative director Rene celestin as the art consultant of 2019 China underwear culture week, the father of Chinese model zhang jian mentor and his team -- concept 98, to guide the opening show of an lifang!Strong show guide team, is bound to bring a cross-world visual gluttonous feast!

In addition, SIUF signed a contract with VK 100 men for the first time to establish in-depth cooperation, and perfectly combined "SIUF supermodel" with "VK 100 men show" to create a new IP of "100 men X 100 women".

    As a leading Chinese men's community platform, VK has for many years taken the vision of awakening the awareness of Chinese men's clothing and life attitude, and establishing quality men's communities in various regions of China, providing a high-quality communication and display platform for Chinese men with life attitude between 5 and 65 years old.

And the depth of cooperation, its purpose is through the fusion of vitamin k deep ploughing in the field of male social economic value and huge SIUF international supermodel contest of mature international professional operation experience, a new 2019 shenzhen underwear fashion, on the basis of common fashion concept of values, to bloom changed things around the brand-new visual shock, for the Chinese fashion, underwear industry, for the Chinese men and women's way of life brings new perspectives.

"New" scale: to cover a deeper industrial chain and achieve wider influence

    According to organizers, SIUF shenzhen underwear show after 14 years development, has covered the bra, men/women underwear, underwear, leisurewear, fabirc, mechanical equipment, as well as design related the whole industrial chain of each node, also covered the innovation technology, materials, socks, the infant child, motion, knitting, digital, the new crossover sectors such as retail, become a complete industry chain and rich vertical exhibition.

In 2019, the exhibition a further optimization of structure and the depth of the industry chain, raw materials, yarn, fabric and other industrial chain upstream enterprises accounted for in the show is on the rise, this means that in addition to the exhibition play a major role in the communication market and industry, unicom and ability and the status of service industry is also rising.In terms of attracting investment and audience data, the exhibition has been successfully completed. In 2019, the exhibition area will reach 73,000 square meters and the number of exhibitors will reach nearly 900.

    In particular, in order to provide better services for buyers, the exhibition launched the buyer invitation plan in advance this year, and actively explored diversified promotion methods such as new media and platform cooperation, web celebrity IP support, diaoyin, jd crowdfunding, and e-commerce platform cooperation.By the end of the press conference, the number of audience pre-registration had exceeded 10 million, and the number of registration increased by more than 40% compared with the same period last year. The overall audience interaction was very positive.Meanwhile, domestic giants such as an lifang, city beauty, red bean, olinon, xinyi, haosha, luren socks, laika, toyo textile and shijia will also come as promised. This exhibition is about to usher in a milestone breakthrough of SIUF.

"New" perspective: industry backbone cluster strength gathering, exhibition forward-looking professional upgrade

    In recent years, various well-known underwear industry clusters have developed vigorously. Taking puning of guangdong province as an example, textile and clothing is puning's traditional industry as well as its most important pillar industry, which has a profound industrial foundation and a good development prospect.In addition to the continuous expansion of the industrial scale, puning textile and garment industry has formed an interlinked industrial chain of spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, auxiliary materials, accessories, design, production and sales after years of rapid development, and its industrial strength has been increasingly strengthened.

    In 2019, the puning exhibition area will be upgraded to SIUF for the first time, with an exhibition area of more than 2,000 square meters.At this point, the backbone of the underwear industry cluster gathered in which, guangdong zhongshan, xiaolan, foshan, yanbu, chaoshan and zhejiang yiwu, shandong Qingdao, fujian changle, jinjiang, etc., nine industrial clusters of exhibitors resident growth momentum, including yanbu, zhongshan cluster is more difficult to find.Under the background of jointly displaying the industry, the huge business opportunities and market competitiveness contained in the industrial cluster will help the scale of the industrial cluster of the exhibition to improve and become more professional and forward-looking.

 "New" height: multi-dimensional level of internationalization upgrade, at home and abroad visibility further

    To further enhance the popularity at home and abroad, provides a basis for the world-class industry exhibition, 2019 SIUF international plate realize multidimensional comprehensive upgrade: from the United States, Italy, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions of international exhibitors accounted for a significant boost, coverage, underwear, clothing textiles face, bathing suits and so on various industrial chain link, the area of more than 1000 square meters, are increased by 30%;

    The invitation of international quality buyers will also make a new breakthrough in 2019, with the addition of international buyers' groups from Taiwan, Hong Kong and India, and representatives from American and Turkish business associations, to enhance the purchasing power of buyers of the exhibition and successfully invite a number of overseas guests from the international heavyweight fashion industry.

    With the multi-dimensional internationalization level and the promotion of popularity, SIUF2019 is expected to achieve an increase of more than 80% in the number of overseas audiences, and is expected to reach an unprecedented new height in the level of international influence.

    Finally, let us look forward to the 2019 China underwear culture week and SIUF China (shenzhen) international brand underwear exhibition, which will integrate global fashion with new breakthroughs, boost industrial development and continue the fashion feast. I wish the exhibition a complete success!From April 19 to 21, shenzhen convention and exhibition center will be there or there!