Autumn/winter 2020/21 China textile fabric fashion trend release show

- Jul 05, 2019-

    fashion 100 changes, all kinds of extraordinary, ahead of time, super expected stack into a wave of tide, bombarding the public audio-visual, the most many is a variety of gimmicks...The bizarre fashion has created a variety of public impression, good or bad, thousands of faces, but always closely linked with the United States, ta is always showing a society in a period of aesthetic face, creative strength, design skills, and even the development of national strength are revealed, fashion appearance level is so important!

     Therefore, the autumn/winter 2020/21 fashion trend show of Chinese textile fabrics has come well prepared, which is related to Chinese fashion, to show a new level of appearance!

On July 4, 2020/21 autumn and winter fashion trend release of new textile show waves in shenzhen China fashion town public service platform layer 1 multi-function hall exciting show, as by China textile industry association, shenzhen longhua district people's government, organized by China textile information center, Chinese clothing association, the national textile product development center, shenzhen longhua big wave fashionable town construction management center, sponsor of the 2019 annual meeting of China's textile innovation design, summit, as one of the summit series content, use Chinese popular fabric design method combined with the most trend and marketability,Interpretation of China textile information center and the national textile product development center to promote multi-dimensional intelligence raise all create 2020/21 autumn and winter fashion trends research in China's textile fabrics, make clothing design on the textile and garment industry chain link and effective linkage, textile fabrics production with a release show will come from 6 big textile fabrics brand innovation, with 2020/21 autumn and winter trends of China's textile fabrics "comfortable" as the core concept, melting points and humanized nature, freedom, generation of boring three themes, statements by the influence of the world fashion designers - hong-yan hu, yan of the cut,It is beautifully displayed in the form of cutting-edge clothing on the catwalk, combined with the brilliant interpretation of holographic projection technology and fashion supermodel, highlighting the distinctive new appearance and new strength of the development of China's textile industry!

    It is reported, China's textile industry federation will ChangSunRuiZhe, director of the China textile industry association of productivity/China textile information center director Qiao Yanjin, Li Binhong, director of the national textile product development center, China textile industry association of productivity Dong Kuiyong, deputy director of the China textile information center, establish resplendence ardently, deputy director of the national textile product development center Chen Baojian general federation of China's textile industry such as leadership,/ waves, vice President of shenzhen longhua district committee of the Chinese fashion town construction work leading group executive vice leader of fairy xinmin town, longhua big wave fashion, deputy party secretary/wave fashion Cao Yuxin, director of the center for construction and management of small town shenzhen city longhua district people's government of the relevant leaders, as well as the accenture greater China innovation officer liudong, founder and CEO of WeDesign/Parsons, former dean of design institute (Parsons) fashion Simon Collins, university of science and technology of China Cheng Jingyuan, a professor in the school of computer science and technology and the summit of important guests to view show,More than 300 professionals from all walks of life including clothing brands, textile enterprises, news organizations and enthusiastic audiences witnessed the wonderful content of the show.