Appearance quality of children's clothing

- Dec 20, 2018-

There are no obvious weaving defects in the main surface parts of children's clothing. The main seam parts of children's clothing have colorless difference and pi cleft. Pi cleft is commonly referred to as the fabric "slip" or fabric "wire", the degree of pi crack can not reach the standard specified indicators, reflecting the garment seam strength is not enough, easy to cause shoulder seams, cuff seam, side seam and other places of the seam open and can not be worn. When choosing clothing, you can pull it at the side seam to see if there is a "slip" phenomenon in the seam.

Keep an eye on the "slip" situation in the material. Pay attention to children's clothing on a variety of accessories, decorative texture, such as whether the zipper is smooth, button buttons are firm, four-buckle is tight suitable and so on.

Pay special attention to the fastness of all kinds of buttons or decorative parts, so that children do not easily rip off the wrong mouth. There are adhesion lining of the surface parts such as collar, barge head, bag cover, door flaps have no degumming, foaming or seepage and other phenomena.