Analysis of the problems existing in the sales of men's underwear industry

- Jul 03, 2019-

    In recent years, with the improvement of people's life level and the pursuit of better quality of life, men's underwear, such as the development of the tea, taobao men's lingerie store and now on the market has a lot of stores, but should realize that the current men's underwear industry development is not mature, its sales still exist some problems:

    First, sales model.Is to walk the model of supermarket, combination or exclusive store after all?Supermarket volume, but pressure is serious.An expert that does dress, say he comes down to do a supermarket 10 years, can do a large supermarket only, because capital is settled and capital turnover is a big problem.As for the combination, it still works with women's underwear, which has not changed much with the past sales mode and mentality.From the perspective of features and attention, exclusivity is naturally easy to get attention.Imagine, a characteristic men's underwear store opened, in today's women's underwear is popular, how can attract the attention of consumers.If a brand of products can support a store sales, there is no doubt that this model has a great future.

Second, product structure.If you take the route of shopping or combination store route, there are only a small number of varieties, such as ninja only less than 50 varieties.If a brand has underwear, home wear, thermal clothing, t-shirts and other related products, consumers can buy all of them in one stop, then it must have a high rate of return.Customers buy underwear, underwear, home wear, vest T shirt a number of stores revenue will be good, like CK, three gun, LOOKSEE these mature brands, the structure of products relatively mature varieties.

    Third, its own production.That is to say, it has its own factory for production.The original Shanghai has a Buddha Peter men's underwear, product design and product structure are good, but there is no own factory, two years before the brand suddenly disappeared.

    Fourth, channel construction and training interaction.This is especially important as established clothing brands like LOOKSEE and LOOKSEE are perfect, but LOOKSEE is the only way to look for men's underwear.As for the site guidance, at present the development of men's underwear industry is relatively late, but also need to gradually follow up.

    Fifth, modern management.It is said that it only takes one month from demand to production to channel distribution, which is a modern management.Admittedly, if use this vector for men's underwear, seems a little high, but the enterprise is a team work, a brand is a long-term development, more in need of modern management, LOOKSEE distribution software, independent research and development at present to terminals, marketing, product and production together, this also is to accelerate the development of men's underwear industry towards a higher starting point.

    Although the development of men's underwear industry is also beginning to take shape at present, the relevant departments have developed the corresponding industry standards, but it can be seen that the development of domestic men's underwear industry is still a long way to go.