Aloe is a kind of fiber with antibacterial and health care functions

- Jul 22, 2019-

Arrive aloe vera, female friend can think of it certainly to be able to hairdressing raises colour, moist skin, it is a good baby that raises colour naturally.In fact, aloe vera in traditional Chinese medicine, food, ornamental and other fields have occupied a place.According to scientific research reports, aloe vera in the production of fiber above also has a certain breakthrough.It has more functions than ordinary fibers.

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Aloe is a new type of fiber, add aloe extract nutrition by a special process to viscose, produce the conventional viscose fiber not only has the moisture absorption, breathable, comfortable, easy to dyeing, and many other excellent properties, also has the aloe health care, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, protect skin from skin, and many other effects, promising prospects.

Current newest fiber fabrics - aloe fiber, the fabric that absorbs wet wet gas, wear dry and comfortable, have the health care effect of fight bacterium, antiphritis, love deeply mom, it is chun xia when, the first selection that children changes new clothes!Aloe fiber fabric aloe contains 75 kinds of elements almost completely consistent with substances needed by human cells, including 7 kinds of 8 kinds of essential amino acids, 11 kinds of 12 kinds of secondary amino acids, vitamin A, E, C, B group, and 10 kinds of minerals.

A large number of natural biological active substances in aloe vera can effectively remove free radicals in human epidermis, and has a powerful activating and protective effect on cells and tissues.The amino acids and complex polysaccharides constitute a natural moisturizing factor (NMF), which can supplement the lost moisture in the skin, restore the function of collagen, prevent facial wrinkles, and keep the skin soft, smooth and elastic.

Three obvious features of aloe fiber:

1. Moisture absorption, breathable and comfortable

2, easy to dye

3, health care, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, skin care and other effects

Aloe fiber future broad prospects must be very big, we must make good use of aloe fiber this new material, the slogan of health and comfort.Take the garment industry to a new level.